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Anonymous: are any of your sims available for download?

They’re not, but I could try to make one for someone if they had a request

Anonymous: Where can I download that big pumpkin? :)

purple-plumbobs ^-^


On October 3rd he asked me what day it was

happy october 3rd everyone 


Which organic mama is ready for halloween?? I know we are! There’s the candy, the costumes and of course GOODIES.
So why not spice the festivities up and do a giveaway!
Reblog this photo for a chance to be one of the 25 people to receive a Halloween goody-bag filled with ;
- Exclusive early custom content (Pacifier that will be released by Christmas or other baby items..)
- Cute Fall Attire for boys and girls!
- Posepack 
+ more
RULES: Only 1 reblog per person, anyone who violates these rules will be excluded from the giveaway :(
How the winners are chosen: I will enter everyone’s name into a random generator and let it randomly select 25. (that’s fair right?)

Eeep 💕 I love giveawayssss


suninyoursky replied to your post:

Ou wcif this hair? :)

Here you are^^

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